Comics with Bonuses – Palmistry


This week as well as giving you a new comic to read, I am going to tell you about the meanings of two shapes of hands. Next week I will tell you about the other two shapes. Look at your hands and see if what I am saying helps you understand them more. Look at your friend’s hands too.

Square palm + long fingers = Air Hand

The Air hand has long fingers and tends to have an abundance of clear lines in the palm. Air types spend their time in the intellectual realms. They are curious and full of ideas. They thrive on nervous energy and may be prone to worry and stress. Air types are communicators and are often good at working with the public. However, they may tend to intellectualize their feelings and can have difficulty with close, personal relationships.

Astrologically, the Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Square palm + short fingers = Earth Hand

The Earth hand is square and solid. The fingers are short and the palm exhibits few lines. Those that do appear are strong and well defined. Subjects with Earth hands tend to be level-headed, no-nonsense people. Physical experience may be more important than intellectual pursuits. Practical in nature, the Earth type may be conservative and probably prefers spending time outdoors. It has been my experience that the Earth type is the least likely to seek out a palmist for a reading.

Astrologically, the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

This week’s comic is Hurrican Harrigan from Cat-Man

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

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Talk to you next week.

Be happy and stay healthy!

One thought on “Comics with Bonuses – Palmistry”

  1. I just read palmistry 1 & 2 and remember how good you were ( and probably still are ) at this.wish you were nearer. (We R in Slovenia).
    Lorraine P


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