Comics with bonuses – More Palmistry


I am not sure if anyone is reading my posts. I would love to have some comments if you are.

Last week, I wrote about the two different shapes of hands, so that you can understand yourself and your friends more. Today I have the other two shapes.


Oblong palm + short fingers = Fire Hand

A hand with an elongated palm and short fingers is in the Fire classification. The lines on the palm are usually strong and well-defined and the hand may have a busy or vibrant feel to it. Fire types are energetic and action oriented. They have a need for variety and may lack patience. Then tend to be individualistic and often make good leaders.


Oblong palm + long fingers = Water hand

Water hands have many fine, spidery lines and both the palm and the fingers are long. The Water hand is found on the sensitive, emotional type of individual. Water types are caring, receptive and artistic. They are primarily motivated by feelings. They may have trouble coping with stress and are often happiest in a peaceful environment.

Next week, I will tell you some helpful aspects of crystals.

Here is your comic for this week.

Action Comics 001

Action Comics 001

Action Comics 001-34 copy.jpg

Action Comics 001

Please ask me some questions about the comics or palmistry if you want to know anything.

Bye for now!

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