Comics with bonuses — Crystals


Today, I will be publishing another comic and introducing you to crystals and in particular telling you how the rose (pink) quartz can help you.

Crystals work in a subtle way to unblock psychic and physical energy. Imagine for a moment how heavy you feel when you are depressed. Now, translate this to an energetic level by imagining how slow and dense your energy is at such times. The high vibration of crystals raises the vibrations of other life forms in their vicinity. Thus, if you are feeling depressed and hold amber, citrine or a Herkimer diamond, the energy of these stones charges your aura, and can help to lift your own vibrational frequency above the level of depression. In essence, crystals work with our deepest intentions and help to make them clear to us. They are invaluable aids to focus and concentration, emotional balance, meditation and spiritual journeying.

There are no rules when using crystals. Crystals are here to teach us to open to and trust our intuitive abilities. This is the aspect of being that sees all, which makes up life as a whole, and which experiences the connectedness of all that is. Crystals teach us to play, to choose and use them simply because we are attracted to them.

You can wear them, hold them, put them in your office, sleep with them under your pillow or just place them around your rooms. They boost low energy, screen out damaging energy, release stagnant or blocked energy and transform destructive patterns.

rose quartz      The rose quartz teaches us to love ourselves, thus opening us up to universal love. It helps to heal emotional wounds, gives comfort and helps us to overcome grief. Self-love is important for everyone. Any negative feeling is a type of psychic glue which attaches us to that about which we feel negative. When we don’t love ourselves fully we are wounded inside, and a wound will always cry out to be healed. Rose quartz is an instrument of that healing.

Although I am telling you about a particular crystal today, go to a crystal shop. Look at the crystals. If possible, hold some in your hands — one at a time. Think about the following questions.

Do you feel drawn to any particular crystal?

While holding the crystal, do you feel any heat or coldness?

Does any particular colour attract you?

Here is this week’s comic.

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

Cat Man Comics 001

If you like reading this blog, please tell me. Also if you want to read any more comics, please go to the various pages on this website, click on the comic and it will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the ecomic for $4.00.

See you next week.

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