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amethyst     Hello!

Today I am going to tell you about the healing qualities of Amethyst crystals. If you would like to trust your intuition more, this is the stone you should wear or carry on your person. It is the stone that helps you develop psychic abilities. Other helpful qualities that this stone can improve in you are peace and inner strength. It also helps in the healing of headaches and insomnia. This meditative and calming stone works to promote calm, balance and peace. One of the important things I use it for is to help me eliminate impatience.

Crystals can collect various forms of energy from emotions, thought and touch. If other people handle your crystal, they leave their energy imprint on it. Thiamethyst caves isn’t bad, but you should make your crystal truly yours. You can do this by cleansing or clearing the crystal.

A simple way to cleanse your crystals is to wash them in salt water. If you can’t take them to the sea, just put sea salt in some water and soak them overnight, preferably in a ceramic or glass container. You can also leave your crystals overnight in the light of a full moon.

Crystals are natural and grow in the rocks. I have an amethyst cave in my garden.

This week’s comic is from the Casper. If you enjoy it you may like to purchase the whole comic. If you click on it at the website, you will go to Amazon where you can purchase it as an eComic for $4.00.

Casper 001

Casper 001

Casper 001

One thought on “Comics plus Bonuses – Amethyst”

  1. Enjoyed the details about amethyst.I love rocks n crystals. Didn’t the ancient romans believe that an amethyst touching the skin help deter intoxication ?

    Looking foward to more interesting reads.


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