Comics plus Bonus — Self-esteem


According to thePenquin Dictionary of Psychology, self-esteem is defined as the degree to whicself1h one values one’s self.   Self-esteem is the relationship you have with yourself. It is known as the emotional value you place on yourself. This fundamental value that you perceive in yourself includes your capabilities, desires and self-judgement. Besides governing your behaviour in daily life, it is the driving force that causes you to either develop a sense of integrity and honesty, which are the basis of high self-esteem or to lapse into a state of degradation, loneliness and fear, which are the building blocks of low self-esteem.

To be filled with self-confidence and a positive self-image, you already have the seeds of personal fulfilment and satisfaction growing within you. You need to have a healthy physical and mental attitude. Manage your life and set personal goals. Laugh at yourself and forgive others.

You are a unique, special person.

You have natural developments and achievements.

Sometimes you don’t feel okay and that this is okay.

Learn to like who you are. Develop positive attitudes and take actions to achieve goals.

Relax and laugh while you read this week’s comic.







New blog next week. Have fun, stay healthy and give love!

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