Comics plus Bonus — Colours


This week’s blog is about colours and how they can affect you.

Colours can alter your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. The colour of your clothes can influence what other people think of you. The colour of your walls can affect your mood. Colour is intimately tied into all aspects of your lives.

Colours affect everyone. We use colours to describe our physical health, our emotions, attitudes and even our spiritual experiences. For example,

I’m in the pink today.

You look at the world through rose-coloured glasses.

He was red with anger.

Her business was in the red last year, but now it’s in the black.

He has the blues today.

He was green with envy.

She has a yellow streak down her back.

Each colour has its own unique effects and can be used for healing and balancing, as well as for stimulating deeper levels of consciousness. Some colours make you happy. Others calm you down if you get over-excited. Some invigorate you when you’re tired. Some make you feel better when you are ill. Colour can be stimulating or depressing, constructive or destructive, a repellent or attractive.

rainbowColour is a property of light. When light is broken down, reflected and absorbed, into different wavelengths, it is different colours. When you hold up a prism to the sunlight, it will display a rainbow of the seven colours— red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Although the colours of the rainbow are only a small fraction of the entire light spectrum, the rainbow colours and white are the colours you can use to enhance your life.

Today, I will give you the effects of three colours. Try them and see how you feel.

White provides balance.

It is strengthening, cleansing and purifying the entire energy system, awakening creativity. When you want protection, close your eyes and surround yourself with white—put yourself in a white bubble. However, too much white colour in a house gives a sterile feeling causing frustration

Blue affects spiritual energies, is cooling and cleansing.

Blue reduces stress and eases anxiety by triggering the brain to release hormones to relax the body. Blue can ease loneliness, bring tranquillity, patience and understanding. Studies show blue walls help to calm hyperactive children by slowing their breathing. Other research showed that patients benefited more from blue sleeping pills than orange ones although the dosage was identical.

Green helps to heal, soothe and calm.

Green evokes feelings of peace and serenity by slowing the heart rate and decreasing the production of stress hormones. Green balances your energy, increasing sensitivity and compassion. Green is used in hospitals and surgeries to help patients feel at ease and to encourage positive thoughts.

This week’s comic will make you smile.

AGC-Dizzy Dames 003

AGC-Dizzy Dames 003

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